Rapid and reliable Salmonella confirmation and serotyping method based on DNA technology.

As a microbiology lab you want to report as quickly and as accurate as possible towards your clients. In case of a possible Salmonella contamination you preferably would like to report back the serotype as well. After all, different Salmonella serotypes are associated with different sources of Salmonella contamination. This can lead to crucial information for any effective Salmonella reduction program. Furthermore, Salmonella serotyping is an integral part of Salmonella surveillance studies and outbreak investigations.

The traditional Kauffmann-White method for confirming and serotyping Salmonella is based on the detection of surface antigens. This is a time-consuming test method, taking at least several days to obtain an end result. Also, up to 10 to 15{110d4625307aeeb0923760589da6e53d5455c05478f7694097cd6a09621af118} of cases are partly “ or non-typable Salmonella, yielding inconclusive results. This is why Check-Points developed Check & Trace Salmonella, which overcomes these hurdles. It provides a rapid Salmonella confirmation and serotyping method based on DNA technology for routine use in any laboratory. With only one test within one day it confirms the presence of Salmonella and identifies the serotypes involved. This makes Check & Trace Salmonella the fastest and most reliable method for surveillance and reduction of Salmonella contamination.