Healthier livestock ensures products of highest quality.

As a food company committed to developing and producing high quality products, a Salmonella contamination is absolutely unacceptable. The first priority is such a scenario is to minimize the incidence of contamination by continuously monitoring the health of your livestock or the quality of the supplied ingredients. Different sources of Salmonella contamination are often associated with distinct Salmonella serotypes. Therefore it is essential in any effective Salmonella surveillance and reduction program to obtain knowledge of which serotype is involved.

The traditional Kauffmann-White method for confirming and serotyping Salmonella takes at least several days to obtain an end result. Also, up to 10 to 15{110d4625307aeeb0923760589da6e53d5455c05478f7694097cd6a09621af118} of cases yield inconclusive results. This is why Check-Points developed Check & Trace Salmonella, which overcomes these hurdles. It provides a rapid Salmonella confirmation and serotyping method based on DNA technology for routine use in any laboratory. With a single test, which can be performed in one day, it confirms the presence of Salmonella and identifies the serotype. If you suspect a Salmonella contamination in your poultry farm, Check & Trace Salmonella is the fastest and most reliable method to trace the source of contamination.