Confirm and trace Salmonella serotypes in one day.

A Salmonella contamination is bad news for business. However, it can happen to the best of us and when it occurs finding the source of contamination becomes the number one priority. In order to pin point the issue within the supply chain you need to know the serotype and trace it, preferably as fast as possible.

The innovative Check & Trace Salmonella method can discriminate over 300 serotypes, including the most relevant enterica enterica serotypes e.g. Typhimurium, due to the differences in their DNA sequences. This enables the test to confirm Salmonella presence and the serotype with a single test in one day. This allows the Check & Trace Salmonella test to significantly decrease serotyping lead times and enables quick tracing. Moreover, it is easy to implement in most microbiology laboratories.

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Molecular serotyping discriminates Salmonella serotypes through differences in their DNA sequence. Even non-typable isolates can be assigned to a genovar, thereby offering a greater discriminative power than conventional techniques.

Check & Trace Salmonella is a rapid genetic test based on a microarray platform. Each position on the microarray represents a specific DNA marker associated with a unique Salmonella target sequence. Spots only become visible if the DNA markers exactly match the corresponding DNA sequences of the Salmonella isolate. The combination of present and absent spots yields a pattern known as a genovar. The software provided with the test translates these scores to the known serotypes.

To summarize the Check & Trace Salmonella technology provides the following strong benefits:

  1. Results within one day.
  2. Confirms all Salmonella and identifies over 300 serotypes.
  3. Easily implemented into microbiology laboratories


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